For busy women who are ready to say goodbye to the muffin top...
How To Banish Belly Fat, Without Giving Up Wine Or Chocolate Or Spending Hours At the Gym.
If you’re a busy woman, then chances are, you’ve got some big goals for fitting back into your favorite pair of skinny jeans and ditching that muffin top once and for all...
You want to lose inches around your waistline. You want to feel sexy, confident, and fabulous!
However, there’s just a few problems right now:
  •  You feel totally out of control around desserts and cookies and feel your willpower just isn’t strong enough 
  •  Each week, it seems like you’re able to grab even more fat around your waistline and you don’t know why
  •  You’re sick of doctors telling you that this weight gain is “normal”, that it’s just another part of getting older
If any of this had you nodding your head, thinking “yes, that’s me”—then read on, because I’m so excited to share this game-changing opportunity with you.
I’m going to show you how, after trying and failing with so many different diet programs and fads, and feeling frustrated and worried that nothing will ever work for you, you can get OUT of this pattern and completely turn you health around.

So if you’ve ever felt “stuck”—or even “incapable”—because you feel like... 
  •  There’s not enough time in the day to focus on you and get back to feeling amazing.
  •  It’s all too confusing and don’t know where to begin. 
  •  You can’t move forward because you are exhausted and tired. 
Then I’m ready to personally show you a brand new way to banish belly fat and feel sexy—starting TODAY.

Listen. I know from my own experience (and from the experience of working with many busy women like you that there is a simpler way to ditch the muffin top.
The Belly Fat Solution
A 12-Week Hormonal Fat Loss System 
… So You Can Finally Be Rid Of That Stubborn Belly Fat. 
Whether you desire to:
  •  Lose weight so you can fit into your favorite little black dress and feel confident
  •  Stop battling your willpower so you can enjoy a brownie, guilt-free
  •  Ditch the belly fat so you can actually enjoy shopping for new clothes
  •  Feel confident in your own skin so you can stop worrying if people are judging you
The Belly Fat Solution will take you by the hand, and lead you step-by-step to the weight loss, control over your cravings, and confidence you’ve been yearning for… and the kind of lifestyle you know you deserve. 

A life where you get to do everything you’ve ever imagined…

Like walking into a room and feeling sexy, or 

Walking by a plate of cookies on a Friday afternoon and only having 1, or even

Going out for wine on your best friend’s birthday and not dealing with the uncontrollable sugar cravings the next day.
Just Imagine the Difference:
From Frustration & Failure To
Inches Lost & No More Battling Your Cravings
Even though it might not seem like it, it’s actually never been easier to lose the belly fat without restrictive diets or hours spent at the gym.

It’s possible to lose fat without giving up your favorite foods, like wine or chocolate.

There are many people I’ve already helped who are eating the foods they love and still losing the belly fat.
While working with these busy women... I’ve discovered one clear lesson—there is a proven system for banishing belly fat and sugar cravings.

It’s learnable and you can use it to lose belly fat yourself.

And, I’m going to you show you exactly how to make all of this happen for yourself... even if it feels intimidating, or “impossible” right now.

But first…

Let me tell you a little more about how I know this works, and WHY I do what I do

My Fat Loss Journey… 
When I first became aware of how fat I’d gotten, I felt depressed. I tried everything: restrictive diets, eating low calorie foods, exercising every single day (sometimes twice in one day)...

And none of it worked.

After years of effort and failed attempts, I finally realized that what I needed was a cohesive plan that focused on MY body and needs… not random fads from people online who aren’t even certified.

I knew I didn’t want to feel this way anymore.

I decided things had to change. That’s when I made my “No Plan B Commitment” to myself.
Feeling like a failure forever was not an option. Hating what I saw in the mirror every day was not an option. Feeling self-conscious when I left my house was not an option. I was all in.

So I started reading about hormonal imbalances and how this can lead to stubborn belly fat. And I discovered how what I’d been eating, following those fad diets, was actually making my weight go up, not down. I figure out a few major ideas behind hormonal fat loss that seemed to make sense and set up my own program to follow.

I implemented all of the principles I’ve been teaching you up until this point.

And I completely eliminated my sugar cravings and finally lost 5 inches around my waistline.

This was my turning point.

After this, I realized I HAD to help others do the same. So I became a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant.

So if you’re tired of researching and trying and failing and ending up in the same exact place....

I have something for you :-)

Having a proven, step-by-step plan you can follow - regardless of your past diet fails and constant sugar cravings that make weight loss so difficult - gives you the confidence that this won’t be like the other attempts, that you’ll finally stick with it and create lasting change around your hormonal weight gain and cravings.

Plus, it allows you to skip over the expensive mistakes I made, and stop feeling unsexy, stop trying to hide that roll over your pants with baggy sweatshirts, and stop trying to fit in hours at the gym (and then feeling guilty when you can’t make it).
Here’s Exactly What You Get When You Join
The Belly Fat Solution
  •  Belly Fat Solution Fundamentals Guide
  • Use this to learn why this system works so you can instantly start ditching cravings and belly fat and build up your confidence (because you’re succeeding).
  •  Lifetime Online Access to All Program Contents
  • This will be invaluable in creating sustainable practices around boosting hormonal fat loss so you can fit into your skinny jeans and never feel guilty about eating your favorite foods.
  •  Private Facebook Community
  • Never feel like you’re going through this journey alone when you join us in the Facebook group so you can be held accountable and receive ongoing feedback and support. 
Take a Look at What Past Clients Have to Say:
Here’s EXACTLY What You’ll Get As A Member Of The Belly Fat Solution:
I’ve combined over 2 years of experience working as a holistic nutrition consultant and group fitness instructor to create the proven plan that you’ll use to banish belly fat and boost your hormonal fat loss. 

The program is broken down into 12 main modules that are released on a weekly basis along with 2 bonuses.  

All of the program materials, including video lessons, program manuals and worksheets are available inside the online Belly Fat Solution membership site. 
Getting Started
  •  In this module you will discover how to enjoy delicious, filling foods so you ditch the sugar cravings that get in your way
  •  You will also learn how to simply follow easy-to-prepare meals without having to sacrifice time with family or friends
What to Eat for Hormonal Fat Loss
  •  In this module you will discover how to choose the right foods to kick start your hormonal fat loss
  •  You will also learn how to simply lose belly fat without having to sacrifice give up delicious and indulgent foods 
cortisol and Macro Tracking
  •  In this module you will discover the role of cortisol (your stress hormone) has in belly fat (and how you can control this)
  •  You will also learn the basics of macronutrients and how to track them for faster results
Planning Your Own Meals
  •  In this module you will discover how to start planning your own meals using the Belly Fat Solution formula
  •  You will also learn why having this formula will make this program a life-long success
Intro to Intermittent Fasting
  •  In this module you will discover the amazing benefits of intermittent fasting and how this can fast track your weight loss
  •  You will also learn how to incorporate your favorite treats into your diet without falling off the wagon
High Fat Low Carb Profiles
  •  In this module you will discover the need to modify your program to suit your activity, stress levels and style using profiles
  •  You will also discover ways to troubleshoot your profile for massive results
Advanced Cortisol and Adrenal Health
  •  In this module you will start to understand how managing cortisol and stress can really boost fat loss
  •  You will also learn how to simply choose the right foods to boost energy and help you overcome adrenal fatigue
Carb Ups
  •   In this module you will discover how eating high carb meals on select days can actually boost your metabolism
  •  You will also learn how to simply increase your carb intake so that your body stays a lean, mean fat loss machine
Advanced Carb Up Planning
  •  In this module you will discover the personal carb-up profile to fit your lifestyle and goals to make carb-up days easier
  •  You will also learn the easiest ways to introduce carb-up days to your weekly meal plan
Eating Out on HFLC
  •  In this module you will discover how to choose healthy HFLC meals while traveling and eating out
  •  You will also learn a simple way to maintain proper portion sizes
The "Reset"
  •  In this module you will discover how to 'reset' your metabolism and hormones after a special night out, a vacation or other event
  •  You will also learn that over-indulgence isn't going to break your diet and that it's very easy to get back on track again with these simple steps
Transitioning to the “Real” World
  •  In this module you will discover how to continue to follow the principles of the Belly Fat Solution so you never have to deal with cravings or belly fat again
  • You will also learn how to cycle meals to ensure faster fat loss and no more guilt when you eat a piece of chocolate cake
The System To Help You 
Create The Life You Deserve 
When you enroll in The Belly Fat Solution you’ll get LIFETIME access to the material. 

I’ve set up the program so that you learn and implement quickly—with my support and real-time coaching along the way.

The Belly Fat Solution starts October 15, 2018 

PLUS—When You Order Today, You’ll Also Get Access to These Exclusive Bonuses:
12 Full Body Workouts to Boost Hormonal Fat Loss ($597 Value)
  •  This bonus will teach you the fundamental exercises you need to do to boost hormonal fat loss 
  •  You’ll get 12 modifiable workouts that you can do anywhere to keep you on track through the program and beyond
Ultimate 30-Day Guide to Self-Care ($197 Value)
  •  In this bonus, you will discover how to implement self-care and stress management activities so you can really boost belly fat loss 
  •  You will also learn how to simply include just 10 minutes of self-care a day without having to sacrifice time or money on expensive meditation or breathing classes 
Get Started & Order Today.
Registration Is Only Open for A Limited Time
You can choose to pay for lifetime access upfront with a one-time payment, or you can pay over 3 months. Both enrollment options include a 100% money back guarantee. 
One Time Payment
    3 Monthly Payments
      The Belly Fat Solution Is Different...
      Look. You don’t need to “feel ready” to get started. You just need to start.

      The Belly Fat Solution was made just for you, so you can jump start your belly fat loss, all with a proven step-by-step plan and personalized support so you can learn as you go.

      Like I said earlier, you just need to start. Move forward, and continue to take imperfect action.  

      But, I do understand that making this kind of life-changing decision is a big deal.  

      That’s why I want you to feel totally at ease when making this decision to join us in the Belly Fat Solution. I’ve done everything I possibly can to guarantee that when you follow the steps laid out for you in the program, you will make rapid progress.  

      I can confidently say that, because I’ve worked with many busy women who were just like you when they enrolled in the Belly Fat Solution -- and within a few months they saw a flatter, firmer tummy. 

      That’s Why The Belly Fat Solution Is Backed By A
      100% Invest With Confidence Guarantee
      Here’s how the guarantee works: 

      You can try the first 2 weeks of the program completely risk free. If you don’t notice a difference, just let me know—you’ll get your money back! Just send me completed food journals showing you followed the Belly Fat Solution for a full 2 weeks in the free app My Fitness Pal or other format. 
      Stepping into your favorite pair of jeans and they slip over your hips and do up without creating the dreaded muffin top!
      Now imagine this kind of thing happening every single day.
      Imagine feeling the kind of confidence that comes with knowing that you CAN ditch the belly fat and keep it off for a lifetime.

      Imagine finally being able to bake a pan of brownies for you kids and not want a single one.  

      This can and will happen for you… 

      So don’t wait for another opportunity to shape your future. This is your chance! 

      Enrollment closes soon, so click below, choose the best package and sign up today. 

      In health and happiness,
      One Time Payment
        3 Monthly Payments
          Enrollment Closes
          October 12, 2018 @ 9:00pm MST
          Is this a group program?
          A: It is and it isn’t. You’ll be able to complete the entire program completely on your own on your own schedule. However, I have set up a group support community in Facebook to help keep you accountable and to answer any questions that pop up.  
          How long will it take me to go through the entire program?
          A: The program is designed to take 12 weeks. Ideally, the first 6 or 7 weeks should be followed as they are laid out, but you may find that you either can move ahead because the principles are easy for you to follow right away OR that you need a bit more time at one or more of the weeks. So, it’s really up to you how long it’ll take but I’m with you for support for life.
          How much time per week do I need to set aside to complete the program?
          A: You will need about an hour each week to watch the module video and review the handouts. Plus, it makes life easier if you meal prep ahead of time, so set aside 3-4 hours on the weekend for meal planning, grocery shopping, and any meal prep or cooking you want to do.  
          I’m going to be out of town next month, will I fall too far behind? 
          A: Absolutely not! In fact, if you’re out of town, I love to hear what food choices you’re making based on the principles. This can really help ingrain the program ideas in your head early on. And, once you get back from being away, just jump right back into the program wherever you left off (or where you feel most comfortable starting).
          How do I know if this program is right for me?
          A: I guarantee that you will see results in 2 weeks or less if you stick to the program exactly as it’s laid out. If you don’t see the results, you’ll get your money back. But you have to stick to the first 2 weeks of the program as I’ve designed them for you to get this money-back guarantee.  
          When can I expect to see results?
          A: Most of my clients and the Belly Fat Solution participants have seen results within 5-7 days of starting the program, during Week 1.  
          What else do I need to buy to see results with your program?
          A: You’ll focus mainly on eating whole foods for the program and little else. You may need to stock your pantry with a few different staples (i.e. oils, spices, nut butters, etc) but otherwise, you shouldn’t have to buy anything else. I will suggest supplements to help boost your fat loss but buying those is completely optional.
          What if I have trouble accessing the program or have a question? How can I get help? 
          A: Any technical questions can be sent my way. I will provide you with all the details in the first email you receive and I will follow up when I see that you’ve purchased the program just to make sure you’re good.
          What if I don’t like it? Can I get a refund?
          A: I guarantee that you will see results in 2 weeks or less if you stick to the program exactly as it’s laid out. If you don’t see the results, you’ll get your money back. But you have to stick to the first 2 weeks of the program as I’ve designed them for you to get this money-back guarantee.  
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