Attention Ladies...Are You Eating Healthy and Not Losing The Weight?
When eating "healthy" doesn't equal weight loss OR it keeps you feeling out of control over cravings, food can seem pretty confusing! 
Don't give up yet!  Stubborn weight, rebound weight gain, cravings for sweets? Your body may not be designed to eat a normal "healthy" diet!
Take my Carb Sensitivity Quiz to learn how to tap into your body's natural fat burning potential!
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About Me! Who Am I?
Hi, I’m Daina and I struggled with my weight from age 12 to 29.  I was always trying to eat "healthy" and never saw my weight drop.  I followed diet after diet after diet with no results.

I finally did lose 40 lbs and 3 dress sizes by locking myself away from society to follow a super strict, calorie counting diet.

When I was done that diet, I was so LOST!  Again, eating healthy only kicked up my cravings and I spent 5 years fighting the rebound weight effect.

It wasn't until I went to school and discovered that my weight loss would only be long-term if I ate to keep my fat-burning hormones in charge that I finally found relief from the food confusion.  

And now I'm here to share my knowledge with you!  
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